B&Q Prices. Nailed.

Nation wide in-store campaign I really enjoyed playing around with in the studio

Agency Uncommon London
Production Curious
Assistant Latifu Laoye

3M Back to School

Unreleased campaign demonstrating 3Ms signature Scotch Tape in assisting craft school projects from cardboard and domestic recycle materials

Agency Oliver
Production Curious
Photographer Dan Humphreys


Papercraft short film project dedicated to our inner child, big or small, grounded in the uncertainty of present time.

The film was originally created to take part in My Rode Reel 2020 shortfilm festival.

The making of a papercraft short film:

- props made from paper and generic household items

- the sky in the background is projected

- motorized dolly used for plane movement

- air duster spray to spin the turbine

- crushed charcoal to emphasize panels and generate runway dirt

- airplane model is a modified design by Hermercraft

- filmed with Blackmagic Ursa and edited in DaVinci Resolve

- no CGI used

- no stop motion scenes

Lego x Porsche

Official hero images I've been working on for the launch of the new Lego set based on legendary Porsche 911. The set is 2-in-1 allowing to build the car in Targa or Turbo version.

The interior designed with the 80s eclectic vision in mind and partially inspired by once Manhattan based Hoffman Porsche dealership by Frank Lloyd Wright

Agency Ogilvy UK
Production Hogarth Worldwide
Assistant Latifu Laoye

The making of the set build and photoshoot


Papercraft sets for biodegradable cleaning products company

Photographer Latifu Laoye

Production LSB Studios


A short mock story based on the Cybertruck and it's famous presentation, made mostly out of paper and filmed at home. I had a chance to work on this during the 2020 lockdown.

The film won the Four Walls Film Festival Award in Behind The Scenes category.

This also marked a fruitful collaboration with Düsseldorf based musician Gleb Choutov, who composed the sound for the clip.

The making process: the truck designed in 3D and converted to cut patterns, the usage of cutter required due to high precision details and repetitive patterns, some electronics used for lights, motorized by camera trolley and gravity for some shots.

Makeshift paper and stationary suspension has been developed for realistic truck behaviour.

36 Days of Type

A fantastic annual Instagram initiative I participated in 2018, aimed at designers and artists with one simple idea, post each day their version of letter and the numbers of Latin alphabet. My concept is the papercraft letter shaped meals. This is my own top 10 of not quite finished series.

A is for Avocado

B is for Burger

C is for Caviar

D is for Dimsum

F is double combo for Fish Finger

J is for Jalapenos, burned for real

K is for Kiwi

O is for Orange held by Octopus on Oyster background

P is for Paté

Q is for Quiche

Addiction Music Video

As part of a great team I acted as a co-producer, AD, prop maker and armourer for this unofficial music video in December 2019.

The Colt Python .357 replica was imagined by the director Yury Vorobev and created from a rare Crown model kit and deactivated real bullets.

Director Yury Vorobev
DOP Vlad Jakovlev
Gaffer Robert Kravesc
VFX Mihaly Sipos
Edit & Colour Misha Drygov
Stylist Nika Frost
Backstage Kostya Alonov
MUA Sara Aziz

Cast Yulia Filipovscaia / Kasia Briars / Emerson Machado

Bodyshop commercials

I've been working on a number of campaigns for The Body Shop, loads of work for stylists on set and producers to source all the ingredients, my job seemed relatively easy here.

'Make a wish' film poster

Poster design and making for ultra-low budget short film within Impact50 initiative, where I also acted as a Production designer. The cover story is an asteroid to hit the Earth and end all the life in two hours. Young family is deciding to bring forward their daughters birthday as a last chance for a bit of happiness and save her from the last hours nightmares by adding overdosed sedatives to the birthday cake.

The poster is to reflect this short story with the means of illustration and papercraft.

Lego Tie Fighter

A short stop motion animation.

Lego bricks: 1685
Hours of work: 60
Frames: 200
Barefoot step on bricks: 0
Music by Daryl Corn Flexx

Ruifier empire

One of my favorite early editorial series with Ruifier brand, inspired by antique architecture, created from paper.

fetish series

This is an experimental image and video series using latex sheets and vacuum.


Personal image, a backlit balloon, and another one Instagram themed.

'Fire' Music Video

Fan art inspired by Russian hip-hop bands' track, describing the infamous debt collectors methods, resorting to barbaric methods such as damage to the personal property of the victim, murder, and arson. The video was endorsed by all band members and posted across all their social channels getting 20k views in two days.

hublot skeleton

Glow edge perspex test shot.

j'adore perfume

Test shot featuring iconic perfume and a miniature paper set with 3D printed signature Dior patterned frame.

Behind the scenes

Ruifier Model

Jewellery photoshoot for a range of collections

Model Magdalena Jozwowska @ Body London

Ruifier summer '19

Summery editorial campaign for Ruifier, traditional miniature paper sets.

Heritage Mini Series

Traditional british scale models by Franklin Mint.

Skeleton / Metal on canvas 8'x 8'

A personal still life photography project turned contemporary art piece. 10 manual watches and a canvas used.


Commisioned by a London based mens jewellery brand to work on their new campaign imagery, inspired by impossible shapes.

Art assist Yury Vorobev


"A patient cured is a customer lost" - ongoing personal series


Image and video footage I made in collaboration with "Around London in 40 steps", a podcast project by russian speaking guide and media person.


Campaign photography for custom painted silk scarfs brand

Art direction Yury Vorobev

Ruifier Interiors

A style rather than one campaign, a selection of mini interiors for tiny jewellery by Ruifier.


Still life campaign photography for British accessories brand.


Personal image

Ruifier Hong Kong

Still life turned shop windows. Cabinet and wall display designs I created for Ruifiers' first store on Hong Kong Harbour City Mall

Ruifier Red

A series of images based on the red colour designated for the China based campaign, where this colour has a particular significance in culture.

cook crime

Personal series.

WMF cutlery

Personal mini series.

Ruifier Spectrum

Minimalistic traditional jewellery shots


Personal mini series expoloring the stained glass effect.


Personal mini series featuring Metalearth miniature laser cut 3D puzzles.

Frescobol Carioca

Created as a test imagery later aquired and featured by the brand.

mini dot

A phone sized miniature of commercially available furniture piece.

Queen of seas

Personal mini interior project.

Ruifier Black

Charcoal editorial series.


Personal material exploration series, aquired multiple features in online magazines.


"Born together, reared apart"-personal series.